Victoriano Rodriguez

March 23, 1915 - March 28, 2003
Role: Cowhand, Naturalist
Nicknames: Victor
Known for: Curandero

Victoriano "Victor" Rodriguez was born on the O’Connor River Ranch. His father’s family is of Aztec descent from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. His mother’s family was from Brownsville after fleeing the Mexican Revolution in 1870. His family worked on the De La Garza Ranch, the Fagan Ranches, and the O’Connor Ranches. Dennis O’Connor [I] hired Victor’s father, Juan Rodriguez, to build his house and then put Victor’s family in charge of St. Anthony’s church which was built on the O'Connor River Ranch around 1890. As well as being the caretaker for St. Anthony’s, Victor’s grandfather, Cirio Rodriguez, was also a curandero. Both Victor’s father and grandfather died on the River Ranch. Victor was raised on the ranch and he continued being a cowhand on the O’Connor Ranches until he was twenty-six, when he went to work in as a hospital orderly. Victor followed his grandfather and served as a curandero in his Mexican community. His knowledge of folk medicine, the healing arts and spirituality was deeply embedded. He was a religious man who used his healing powers for the good of his people. Victor was greatly respected by the older community of doctors in Victoria and was often called in to administer to those they felt could be helped by his curandero experience, often working with people from the Mexican community suffering from "susto" -- a condition of emotional shock that he knew how to treat.

Introduction to Victor Rodriguez

Louise S. O'Connor
Voice of Victor Rodriguez
VR – I have a tradition in my mind. I can tell all the things, you know. I learned from my family and I inherited, too. I inherited from them. You know I used to tell at O'Connor Ranch over there, I was over there, and I told my brothers that day, I say, "Somethin' gonna happen in Victoria today. Watch it." I see, you know, what gonna happen. What happened, they kill one fellow right in the front of my brothers' arms, you know, in Victoria. And I see it. We call it in Spanish, "valle fatiea." You can see what's gonna happen. And you know one thing, the moon…actually they have a lot to do with this. A lot of things and the black curse, and the black…what do you call it – "brujo" you cannot do it in the early mornin'. You got to wait until after the full moon. I know a lot of stuff. I bet you don't know this. That roses, they got a big power. Believe it.. No…good power! Somethin' nice if you know how to use it. I use it myself. Most of the things that get the power from the moon, from the stars, from the sun, from the outside. It's better, it's better on a full moon. Better, anytime, don't care if it's dark, you can still talk to the dark to come into the bright. And I went on the O'Connor Ranch and kneed down in my knees over there on O'Connor Ranch and everythin', and pray, you know. And I start to pray for all the peoples that was over there and everythin'. And that's where I get my power. That's the reason that I come this way. That's the reason I come this far. I have in this world a little power, no doubts about it.