Johnny Lee Robinson

March, 1919 -

Johnny was born and raised in Goliad and spent a lot of time in Lewis' Bend. He went to school at Hall's Point. He had a baseball team down in Lewis’ Bend and played a lot of ball before he went into the Army. The bases were made out of cotton sacks stuffed with cotton or rags. Mitts were made out of cowhide and bats from a live oak tree. Johnny learned to read in the Army during WWII and made Pvt. Sergeant. A very smart and capable man, his commanding officer wanted to send him to Officer Candidate School. Growing up in the river bottom gave him a knowledge of nature that served him and his fellow soldiers well during his war years. He loved to tell his story of saving his entire platoon while stationed in the Pacific.

Introduction to Johnny Robinson

Louise S. O'Connor
Voice of Johnny Robinson
Johnny Robinson – Lewis Bend out here, that's the old stomping grounds down at Lewis' Bend. We had a ball club down in there and we'd go down there and play ball. Make a diamond, front of the house out anywhere we had an openin'. We get an old cotton sack we'd throw to the side. We'd cut the good part out of it and make bases out of them. Get cotton and stuff 'em up you know with rags; anything we could get to make 'em look like a base. Make our baseball bat out of live oak. Cut 'em, take knives, haul 'em up and make 'em like a baseball bat. Couldn't buy balls so we had to make sock balls, or we get some cloth and roll 'em up and wrap 'em up and twist 'em up and tack 'em. We made our gloves; made 'em out of cow hides. That's what we played ball with.