Freddy Sanchez

October 8, 1914 - December 22, 2007
Role: Craftsman
Nicknames: Freddy

Frederick "Freddy" Sanchez was a well known saddle maker in Victoria, Texas. He was born in San Antonio and his family moved to Victoria when he was sixteen. He started as a leather worker making horse collars working his way up through the harness department to making saddles. Although he hadn’t intended to be a saddle maker, the more he made, the more he liked it. It just grew on him. His shop was a going concern from 1950 to 1982. When his shop was humming, he could turn out a dozen saddles every week. Freddy has very fond memories of the cowhands. They wanted good, rugged equipment; halters, bridles, leggings, holsters and, of course, saddles. Many of the cowhands didn’t own their horses, the ranch owned them, but they sure owned their own saddles. In many cases, it was the most valuable item a cowhand owned. Freddy thought the cowhands were the best kind of people he ever met.

Introduction to Freddy Sanchez

Louise S. O'Connor
Voice of Freddy Sanchez
Freddy Sanchez – There is just all kinds of saddles now. But I would say just basically you have a working cowboy saddle, you have a rodeo cowboy saddle, and you have a cutting horse style saddle, you know. Of course then you have the English-type saddles, you know. Well, you know, at one time the cutting horse man in the past, they got to where they made a real thick, high seat so that they could stay in the saddle where your horse is ducking and dodging and turning and twisting and what not. They had 'em very high in the front, you know and real thick. They had foam rubber in there about an inch thick or so, you know. And then they'd taper on down to the back. Now a lot of your working cowboys, you know, they really wanted good, rugged equipment. No matter what they got, it had to be good and rugged; their chaps and everything. Now here there was more or less permanent cowboys. A lot of these cowboys, they was raised on these ranches, and their families before them was raised there because… I'll tell you one thing about those old boys. I know one thing that they think a lot of the people they're working for, I'll say that. I'll tell you what, I haven't ever seen so many loyal employees as these cowboys.