Evelyn McNeal Youngblood

May 15, 1924 - October 24, 2015
Role: Cowhand Family
Maiden name: Elliott

Evelyn’s parents were Ethel Shaw Elliot and James Elliot. James was the brother of Will Elliot, a renowned pasture rider on the O’Connor Melon Creek Ranch. Evelyn’s paternal grandparents, Henry Elliot and Janie Elliot, were one of the few African American families that owned their own land. Evelyn married Nathaniel Youngblood, one of the tophands on the Welder Vidauri Ranch. She remembers that she and her children hardly ever saw Nathaniel. He was up at three a.m. and didn’t come home untill well after dark, every day. Evelyn was a member of the “A” team for this project. Her stories, perceptions and absolute honesty about everything were an invaluable contribution.

Introduction to Evelyn

Louise S. O'Connor
Voice of Evelyn Youngblood
Evelyn Youngblood - I remember my husband was saying' that they, when they used to come, I don't guess I was young enough, but I was a big girl, grown. They used to come to Refugio and they'd get drunk, you know, and after that...And said Mister Ira Heard, I mean he was good with Mr. Welder, He'd call the next mornin, turn his hands loose, didn't pay no money just turn his hands loose and they come on in. So they was ready for work again. They had it made.

LOC - Did anybody here, as little girls, want to marry cowboys?

Alice Cook - No

Rosie Jones - I did.

Ludie Youngblood - I married one but I didn't want one. I didn't want him to be a cowboy.

Evelyn Youngblood - I don't know I wasn't around 'em but I don't know how I got off into it. He said, you know he tell that tale about how he said he came through Refugio and rope me?

Dorothea Green - No

Alice Cook - Y'all were here when Whang (Nathaniel Youngblood) told that.

Evelyn Youngblood - He tell that tale. They asks him how'd he get me. He say he came through had some get off on their horses and go herdin' me around in the bushes and getting me ropin'. Tell that all the time. And I would tell 'em he's tellin' a tale