Elvin Scott

March 25, 1917 - December 11, 2005
Role: Tophand, Cowhand

Elvin was born in Bloomington, Texas and moved to McFaddin when he was nine years old when his father, William Scott, went to work on the McFaddin Ranch as a cowhand. Elvin’s first job was taking care of the remuda, the cowboy's herd of working horses. Elvin, like many of the cowhands, had a real affinity for horses. When he left the ranches for Houston in 1942 to chauffeur, he didn’t stay gone long. After just a few years he returned to the McFaddin Ranch to ride pasture for another fifteen years. Elvin was always looking at horses. One of his main jobs had been to break the new horses. His attention to each horse’s personality has helped him stay injury-free while doing a dangerous job. Even after he retired, he still kept horses, probably more than he really needed.

Introduction to Elvin Scott

Louise S. O'Connor
Voice of Elvin Scott
Elvin Scott – I don't remember the first pitching horse I rode, but my daddy would ride 'em a time or two, and if they didn't pitch too bad, well, he would make us… I had a brother three years older than I am and he'd make us ride. All he did was just kept 'em out the fence. And he'd have ait that whip and tell me to rare back. I better ride. And I know if that horse throw'd me, I know what I was gonna get. He was gonna whip us with that whip. So, that's the way we learned how to ride.

Rufus Moore - It's just as rough one way or the other

Elvin Scott - I never will forget had one they called "Tiger." He had been throwing a bunch of 'em. And we came in at dinner. I said, "Cut him back in there. That's just on my own. I'm gonna ride him this evening." And I had seen how he'd been throwin' people. He'd pitch right up to the fence and just duck right back. So, I had some big rowel spurs, I put them on and I saddled him up and… he pitched right up to the fence, and I was lookin' for him to come back. And he went right up on top of the fence and fell back and broke this right knee. And that's the onliest time I've ever been in the hospital in my life. But, about three or four months after I got well, I broke him. I went back. But I told 'em, I said, "Now when I get on him, y'all open the gate and let him go out in the pasture." Because he'd go to them corners and that's why he throw'd you.

L.V. Terrell - That way he'd trap you.

Nathaniel Youngblood - Loosen for him to run into a fence, and you loosen up…

Elvin Scott – That was his trick, like he's going into the fence.

Nathaniel Youngblood - You might not believe it, but them horses got lots of sense. They may act crazy, but them horses got lots of sense.

L.V. Terrell - Sure horses got a lot of sense.

Nathaniel Youngblood - They know the minute they got you off guard.

Rufus Moore - I don't know what them ranches is to us or something. If you ever get started, you can't stay away from it. Unless you just can't.

Elvin Scott - It just gets in your blood, you know. When you love horses and love to fool with them, well, it just get in your blood.