Agapita Garcia

March 25, 1912 - June 14, 2006
Role: Cowhand Family
Maiden name: Rodriguez

Agapita was born at the entrance to the O’Connor River Ranch in 1912. Her father was Juan M. Rodriguez and her mother was Guadalupe Morales Rodriguez. Her grandparents were from Mexico, but her father came here as a young boy fleeing the Mexican Coup d’etat of 1876. Her mother was born in Mexico and brought to the River Ranch. All the Rodriguez’s, ten boys and two girls were born on the River Ranch. Her father was a cowhand as were many of her brothers. One of her brothers, Victor Rodriguez, was a well-known curandero in the region. She was raised in a very religious household and continued that tradition with her own deeply religious home. She had special prayers and a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Mary. Agapita was not fluent in English and was quiet when we were interviewing. I suspected from her wry, often poignant smiles that she may have spoken more English than she let on. Once an interpreter was brought in, she blossomed and regaled us with many funny stories and comments.