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Cattle Sales

A ledger containing cattle sale records for the O'Connor Brothers and Dennis Martin O'Connor. The columns are brands, number, class, to whom sold, owner or date of sale and whether paid or not. Later entries group sales by the year and then, still later entries are grouped by the person, either DM O'Connor as the seller or Philip Lambert as the buyer.,

Date: between 1888 and 1893
Total Pages: 92

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Petty Cash

Financial ledger of Dennis Martin/Thomas Marion O'Connor, October 1889 - August 22, 1897. Petty Cash organized by month per page in the first section. D.M. O'Connor accounting begins on ledger page 100 (106) and T.M. O'Connor accounting begins on ledger page 150 (126).,

Date: between 1889 and 1897
Total Pages: 146

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Financial ledger of Martin O'Connor, August 21, 1896 - August 2, 1897. From his time at St. Edwards College in Austin, Texas.

A ledger containing an accounting with loss and gain columns for real estate, various names, office furnishings and other entries. Throughout the ledger names appear as headings with figures below.,

Date: between 1896 and 1897
Total Pages: 51

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