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Financial ledger of a church. June 7, 1867 - December 16, 1868. . ,

A ledger containing accounts for a church, including personal expenses for different friars and church expenses including a school house and a wing of the convent.,

Date: between 1867 and 1868
Total Pages: 56

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Petty Accounts [Financial ledger, April 22, 1888 - July 30, 1890] ,

A ledger from Dennis M. O'Connor containing the accounting for labor, tracking their days worked, wages, and charges for merchandise.,

Date: between 1888 and 1890
Total Pages: 136

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Financial ledger, of Dennis Martin O'Connor, November 3, 1888 - Jan 6, 1896. General business ledger. ,

A ledger tracking employee work days as well as pay and charges. Also personal and ranch expenses incurred or paid for by D.M. O'Connor,

Date: between 1888 and 1896
Total Pages: 124

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[Financial ledger, D.M. O'Connor, October 22, 1889 - November 15, 1890],

A ledger containing an accounting for employees including their time worked, their pay, and their charges. ,

Date: between 1889 and 1890
Total Pages: 73

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Financial ledger of Martin O'Connor, August 21, 1896 - August 2, 1897. From his time at St. Edwards College in Austin, Texas. ,

A ledger containing an accounting with loss and gain columns for real estate, various names, office furnishings and other entries. Throughout the ledger names appear as headings with figures below.,

Date: between 1896 and 1897
Total Pages: 51

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