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List of Property lying in Victoria owned by Non- Residents,

A ledger containing a listing of property with plat numbers or descriptions to identify location and a column for value, state tax, and county tax.,

Date: 1846
Total Pages: 27

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Financial ledger, April 1, 1888 - May 1895. General business ledger and expense account. ,

A ledger containing records for employees, cattle, and land accounts, as well as loan records.,

Date: between 1888 and 1895
Total Pages: 153

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Financial ledger of Martin O'Connor, November 1, 1896 - August 2, 1897. From his time at St. Edwards College in Austin, Texas. ,

A ledger containing an accounting of a hardware business started by Martin O'Connor.,

Date: between 1896 and 1897
Total Pages: 94

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Inventory for 1865 by A. S. Crocker - a&c,

Property ledger of many Texas counties. May be a state assessment from1865 listing residents, their acreage, livestock, wagons and buggies. ,

Date: 2015
Total Pages: 178

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Acct. of Monies recd for Taxes,

Ship ledger of J.S. Stafford, January 1, 1847 to February 18, 1868. The first part seems to be a listing of steamships arranged in alphabetical order with names listed below the steamships. The second part seems to be an accounting of personal and wages paid. A third part seems to be a listing of freight. A fourth part seems to be a documentation of reports and requests. Page 105 is titled Cash received for Licenses. ,

Date: 2015
Total Pages: 140

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