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Interview with Richard Harris, Rafael De La Garza, and Milam Thompson

A 237 minute wide ranging interview with Richard Harris, forman on the Murphy Ranch, Rafael De La Garza, tophand, and Milam Thompson, camp cook on the Coastal Bend Ranches.

Date: January 17, 1983

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Interview with John James Welder, IV and John Welder V

Interview with John Welder [IV] and his son, John Welder [V], descendent of one of the pioneer ranching families. in the Coastal Bend.

Date: November 17, 1986

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Tales From the San'tone River Bottom: Historic Times (Volume 2)

During the twentieth century, these people of the Texas Coastal Bend were there. They saw, they lived, they processed it, and then they told it to me with their usual clarity. Some of it is sad, some of it is funny, and all is a profound insight into the changes, influences, events and reactions to events experienced by the men, women, and children of the Texas Coastal Bend. ,

Date: 2002
Total Pages: 253

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