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Interview with Roger Watson

An 86 minute wide ranging interview with Roger Watson, a Jackson County cowhand.

Date: March 14, 1997

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Interview with Rev. Mack Williams and Hallie Snider

A 14 minute interview with Hallie Snider and Mack Williams talking about the settlement Maudlowe on the O'Connor Peach Mott Ranch.

Date: March 26, 1998

Tracks   01

Interview with Archie Barber and Bobbie Barber

A 100 minute interview with Archie and Bobbie Barber talking about the history of the Maudlowe settlement.

Date: June 29, 1999

Tracks   01

Interview with Vincent F. Linney

A 125 minute interview with Vincent Linney, son of Orion Linney, the foreman on the O'Connor Salt Creek Ranch.

Date: February 23, 2001

Tracks   01

Interview with Theodore Roosevelt Dean

A 34 minute interview with Theodore Dean, nephew of Richard Harris, talking about Lewis' Bend and his cowhand relations.

Date: February 16, 2006

Tracks   01
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