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Interview with J. Y. Lott, Tony Lott, Ananias Cook, Dan Youngblood, Nat Nixon, and Alice Cook

A wide ranging 286 minute interview with 4 cowhands who worked mainly on the Welder Vadauri Ranch and joined by Nat Nixon who was primarily a "dirt" man. Alice Cook rarely joins the conversation.

Date: December 13, 1982

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Interview with Ruby O'Neill

A 57 minute interview with Ruby O'Neill talking about Richard Harris, foreman for the Murphy Ranch. Ms. O'Neill helped Richard with his banking.

Date: February 23, 1983

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Interview with Richard Harris

A 264 minute wide ranging interview/discussion with Richard Harris, long time foreman on the Murphy ranches.

Date: March 28, 1983

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Interview with Mike Adames, Sr., Mike Adames, Jr., Lee Powell, Tony Urbano, and Porfirio Urbano

A 234 minute, wide ranging interview with five cowhands from the McFaddin Ranch.

Date: April 19, 1983

Tracks   04

Interview with Jesus Ybarbo

A 92 minute wide ranging interview with Jesus Ybarbo, a cowhand on the Coastal Bend ranches.

Date: January 6, 1990

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