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Interview with Josephine Green and Charles Green

A 94 minute interview with Josephine and Charles Green on growing up around Lewis Bend and life in the Coastal Bend.

Date: May 11, 1990

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Interview with Dr. Clifton "Cliff" "Piffle" Pfeil

Date: June 19, 1990

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Interview with Mary Ann Boyd Vivion

Date: April 2, 1991

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Interview with Rev. Mack Williams, Julian Tijerina, Jr., Joe Keefe, Nathaniel Youngblood, Evelyn Youngblood, and K.J. Oliver

A 280 minute talk at Stroman High School with Rev. Mack, Julian, Nathaniel, Joe Keefe, K.J. and Evelyn Youngblood.

Date: October 1, 1992

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Interview with Tom O'Connor, Jr. [IV]

A 154 minute interview with Tom O'Connor Jr. looking back at his life as a rancher.

Date: January 11, 1994

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Interview with Roger Watson

An 86 minute wide ranging interview with Roger Watson, a Jackson County cowhand.

Date: March 14, 1997

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Interview with Tony Lott, Willie Brown, Sr., K. J. Oliver, E.J. Garza, Alice Mae Williams, and Evelyn Youngblood

A 156 wide ranging interview conducted by the Fort Worth Telegram newspaper with the cowhands who were featured in Louise O'Connor's book Cryin' for Daylight.

Date: July 21, 1998

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Tales From the San'tone River Bottom: A Cultural History: Origins (Vol. 1)

Historians generally tell only about history. Louise O'Connor has chosen to use a new approach, letting the people themselves tell their own story, in their own words through the new approach of oral history. Using transcriptions of those interviewed, she lets them tell their own tales. In using such an approach, she is giving the world a fifty-yard-line seat to the real drama which cannot be duplicated anywhere else.,

Date: November, 1998
Total Pages: 280

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