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Labor conditions

Kate O'Connor's notes on the relationship between the rancher and his labor force, typically the cowhands.,

Date: 1939
Total Pages: 6

A Texas Ranch Northern Impression of Southern Men and Methods

A handwritten copy of a Oklahoma newspaper article in which the author (Harlan) describes a visit to the O'Connor River Ranch just before the big division.

Date: March 17, 1904
Total Pages: 8

O'Connor Bros. Ranch Churches

Notes of the History of St Anthony-In-The-Woods-Chapel and it's physical characteristics, stories of the Priests and Bishops who came there, and the storm that brought it down.

Date: between 1944 and 1950
Total Pages: 3

Notes from Allhands, J. L. Gringo builders, Privately printed, 1931 Barbed wire

Article about the history of barbed wire fencing and the advent of the railroad in the Coastal Bend.

Date: 1931
Total Pages: 2

U.S. Department of the Interior. Census Office. Report on the Productions of Cattle, Sheep, and Swine as returned at the Tenth Census

Report on the production of cattle in Texas in the 19th century, including the issues of marketing and farming.

Date: June 1, 1880
Total Pages: 3

Tournaments: An Account of This Early Sport In Victoria, Texas and Neighboring Communities

An article written for The Cattleman magazine by Margaret Stoner McLean describes, in great detail, the history of the game that took place in and around Victoria after the Civil War. Accompanying the article are two notices in the Victoria Advocate about the publishing of the article and about the author.

Date: September, 1948
Total Pages: 8

[Notes of] Tournament Victoria Advocate. Aug. 4. 1877, p.3, col. 3

Notes taken from and article in the Victoria Advocate about a tournament held.

Date: August 4, 1877
Total Pages: 3

Victoria Advocate "The tournament given by the Cuero Knighthood"

Notes of an article in the Victoria Advocate about a tournament in Cuero with the names of participating Knights and their individual scores.

Date: 1930's
Total Pages: 2

State Organization The Sons of the Republic of Texas - Thomas O'Connor

Paper naming Chapter #16 of the Sons of the Republic, named for Thomas O'Connor and a sketch of his life follows.

Date: ca. 1836
Total Pages: 1

Riding the chuck wagon again

An article of Henry's Journal in the Victoria Advocate about a chuck wagon built for Billy Walker of Goliad, by Gene Kotzur of Ander using specifications of the original chuck wagon that Texas cattle baron Charles Goodnight had built in 1866.,

Date: August 7, 1994
Total Pages: 1

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