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Interview with Rev. Mack Williams, Tommy Cook, Rev. Albert Wade, Sr., Milam Thompson, Rosie Jones, Alice Cook, Nathaniel Youngblood, and Gertrude Patterson

Voices include Rev. Mack Williams, Ulysses "Tommy " Cook, Rev. Albert Wade, Sr. , Milam Thompson, Rosie Terrell Jones, Alice Lee Youngblood Cook, Nathaniel "Little Baby" Youngblood, and Gertrude Patterson

Date: November 23, 1985

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Notes from Allhands, J. L. Gringo builders, Privately printed, 1931 Barbed wire

Article about the history of barbed wire fencing and the advent of the railroad in the Coastal Bend.

Date: 1931
Total Pages: 2

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Cryin' For Daylight: Ranching Culture in the Texas Coastal Bend,

The Coastal Bend region of Texas embodies a rich and ethnically diverse cattle ranching heritage. For the first volume in her continuing effort to document this 155 year old culture, Louise S. O'Connor interviewed and photographed scores of men and women who have lived and worked on the ranches of the Texas Gulf Coast.,

Date: 1989
Total Pages: 348

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Acct. of Monies recd for Taxes,

Ship ledger of J.S. Stafford, January 1, 1847 to February 18, 1868. The first part seems to be a listing of steamships arranged in alphabetical order with names listed below the steamships. The second part seems to be an accounting of personal and wages paid. A third part seems to be a listing of freight. A fourth part seems to be a documentation of reports and requests. Page 105 is titled Cash received for Licenses. ,

Date: 2015
Total Pages: 140

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