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Interview with Harry Thompson

Date: August 31, 1959

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[Lighthouse] (between 1952 and 1959)
Rockport (January, 1958)
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O'Connor Bros. Ranch Churches

Notes of the History of St Anthony-In-The-Woods-Chapel and it's physical characteristics, stories of the Priests and Bishops who came there, and the storm that brought it down.

Date: between 1944 and 1950
Total Pages: 3


A newspaper clipping of Otto Puppe , son of Charles Puppe traveling to Washington in an attempt to find the chair his father made for Dennis O'Connor and presented to President Benjamin Harrison. was made by Charles Puppe, father of Otto, lower left, and presented to President Harrison in 1889, ,

Date: between 1935 and 1969
Total Pages: 8

Anna Louisa Wellington Stoner, by Margaret McLean

A Biographical sketch of Anna Louisa Wellington Stoner, written by her granddaughter, Margaret McLean, undated. Based on her research, Mrs. McLean has provided a background story of the Stoner family and their arrival to the Uvalde, Texas, area, on November 10, 1881. She also provides a significant amount of biographical information, including correspondence, dates, financial details, births, deaths, and even land purchases.,

Date: between 1945 and 1965
Total Pages: 5

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