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Jack Kyle with many dogs (between 1910 and 1913)
Edith (1910's)
Lois Stoner (between 1914 and 1918)
Jack, Edith, Madeline Kyle (between 1915 and 1920)
Jack Kyle (between 1907 and 1913)
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"To See The Nicaragua or Bust"

Itinerary of a trip from Victoria to Padre Island and return. The purpose of the trip was to see the wreck o the steamship Nicaragua, on the beach of Padre Island, ninety miles South of Corpus Christi Pass. Members of the party were L. A. Fritz, H. C. Edwards, Martin O'Connor, Tom O'Connor [III] and J. D. Mitchell of Victoria; Eugene Low of Refugio; C. A. Keeran of San Antonio; and J. W. Young and E. L. Fairis of Edma.,

Date: 1914
Total Pages: 6

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