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Interview with Tom O'Connor, Jr. IV, Kai Buckert, Dennis Williams, Joe Keefe, and Rufus Rogers

Live event recording of a mealtime conversation followed by a branding session. Off mic with sound effects.

Date: September 4, 1982

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Interview with Rufus Rogers

Date: April 15, 1983

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Interview with Alex de la Garza, Elias de la Garza, Johnny de la Garza, Pancho Perez, Jr., Steve Rubio, Jr., Julian Tijerina, Jr., Manuel Tijerina, Jesus Ybarbo, Armando Tijerina, Eddie Rubio, Kai Buckert, and Joe Keefe

A 377 minute interview with a group of Mexican cowhands and a couple of younger Anglos who are coming up. All work the Coastal Bend ranches.

Date: January 13, 1984

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Cryin' For Daylight: Ranching Culture in the Texas Coastal Bend,

The Coastal Bend region of Texas embodies a rich and ethnically diverse cattle ranching heritage. For the first volume in her continuing effort to document this 155 year old culture, Louise S. O'Connor interviewed and photographed scores of men and women who have lived and worked on the ranches of the Texas Gulf Coast.,

Date: 1989
Total Pages: 348

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