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Interview with Milam Thompson and Wilma Copeland

A 350 minute wide ranging interview with Milam Thompson, camp cook, and Wilma Copeland, foreman's wife.

Date: January 11, 1983

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Interview with Rafael de la Garza and Richard Harris

A 138 minute wide ranging discussion with two of the oldest interviewees who worked on the Texas Coastal Bend ranches.

Date: March 29, 1983

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O'Connor Bros. Ranch Churches

Notes of the History of St Anthony-In-The-Woods-Chapel and it's physical characteristics, stories of the Priests and Bishops who came there, and the storm that brought it down.

Date: between 1944 and 1950
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Anna Louisa Wellington Stoner, by Margaret McLean,

A Biographical sketch of Anna Louisa Wellington Stoner, written by her granddaughter, Margaret McLean, undated. Based on her research, Mrs. McLean has provided a background story of the Stoner family and their arrival to the Uvalde, Texas, area, on November 10, 1881. She also provides a significant amount of biographical information, including correspondence, dates, financial details, births, deaths, and even land purchases.,

Date: between 1945 and 1965
Total Pages: 5

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