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Financial ledger of Dennis Martin O'Connor and O'Connor Brothers, December 18, 1887 - December 15, 1891. ,

A ledger tracking the employee accounts of D.M. O'Connor. There is a listing of days worked and tasks done and pay due as well as expenses and items purchased.,

Date: between 1887 and 1891
Total Pages: 262

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Petty Accounts [Financial ledger, April 22, 1888 - July 30, 1890] ,

A ledger from Dennis M. O'Connor containing the accounting for labor, tracking their days worked, wages, and charges for merchandise.,

Date: between 1888 and 1890
Total Pages: 136

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[Financial ledger, D.M. O'Connor, October 22, 1889 - November 15, 1890],

A ledger containing an accounting for employees including their time worked, their pay, and their charges. ,

Date: between 1889 and 1890
Total Pages: 73

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Anna Louisa Wellington Stoner, by Margaret McLean,

A Biographical sketch of Anna Louisa Wellington Stoner, written by her granddaughter, Margaret McLean, undated. Based on her research, Mrs. McLean has provided a background story of the Stoner family and their arrival to the Uvalde, Texas, area, on November 10, 1881. She also provides a significant amount of biographical information, including correspondence, dates, financial details, births, deaths, and even land purchases.,

Date: between 1945 and 1965
Total Pages: 5

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Cryin' For Daylight: Ranching Culture in the Texas Coastal Bend,

The Coastal Bend region of Texas embodies a rich and ethnically diverse cattle ranching heritage. For the first volume in her continuing effort to document this 155 year old culture, Louise S. O'Connor interviewed and photographed scores of men and women who have lived and worked on the ranches of the Texas Gulf Coast.,

Date: 1989
Total Pages: 348

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