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U.S. Department of the Interior. Census Office. Report on the Productions of Cattle, Sheep, and Swine as returned at the Tenth Census

Report on the production of cattle in Texas in the 19th century, including the issues of marketing and farming.

Date: June 1, 1880
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Longhorn, Lasso, and Latigo

Article about the history of the cattle industry in Texas.

Date: December, 1930
Total Pages: 5

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A History of the Thomas O'Connor Ranch, 1834-1939 by Sister Margaret Rose Warburton, C.D.P.,

A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts ansd Ciences of the Catholic University of America of the life of Irish immagrant, Thomas O'Connor and his ranch.,

Date: 1940's
Total Pages: 160

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Texas Cattle Industry Through The Years

Article about the introduction of cattle in Texas, the cattle trails moving cattle to market as well as the Morgan Steamline, and how the Civil War impacted the cattle industry.

Date: November, 1945
Total Pages: 4

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Cryin' For Daylight: Ranching Culture in the Texas Coastal Bend,

The Coastal Bend region of Texas embodies a rich and ethnically diverse cattle ranching heritage. For the first volume in her continuing effort to document this 155 year old culture, Louise S. O'Connor interviewed and photographed scores of men and women who have lived and worked on the ranches of the Texas Gulf Coast.,

Date: 1989
Total Pages: 348

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